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Quality is a concept that is part of Moval’s daily life, result of an intense awareness process of our employees.

Our raw material suppliers are selected among the best ones.

All production steps are carefully planned and controlled so that the final product comes out within Moval quality standards.

Our quality control begins with the raw material receipt, where a rigorous inspection is performed. All the measurements and physical aspects of material quality are checked.

Armed with modern cutting planning software, SEPCP and operators interact in real time. Modern and constantly gauged jigs guarantee perfect cutting and the exactness of a part.


You know that perfect edge that leaves nothing to be desired in furniture finishing… it is the result of a constant investment in modern machinery. The optimal temperature of the glue ensures that the tapes have a greater resistance, so it is essential that it is closely monitored.


Precise drilling … Well aligned holes … Perfect assembly …

All this is the result of efficient quality control. Well-trained professionals and sophisticated equipment are essential in this process.


With parts randomly picked up on the production line, the pre-assembly experts assembles products to attest to quality control. Because we don’t want to be surprised when assembling your products. Ah … this step, we also check all the essential accessories for a perfect assembly.


The perfect shine and the sense of feeling the wood texture… this is what we want to offer you. Our laboratory analyzes each color sample before printing, as it is essential to maintain quality standards.


People trained to carefully evaluate all doors, drawers and tops coming out of the exterior painting… They will ensure that no part is defective in production.


All parts, accessories and components are counted and split before packing, so any failure can be detected during the process, returning the entire series for inspection.


In the packaging line the timing is perfect … Each employee receives a form that identifies which piece will be placed in the box, any error is identified before the box goes to the warehouse.


With its own laboratory and equipped with the best technology, all tests are performed within the company. Here we evaluate raw material behavior, considering climatic differences of each region in the country.


All our projects are developed internally based on constant market research, which guarantees products with different design and are true sales successes.


Our product development and quality experts are responsible for maintaining constant product evaluation throughout their life cycle. This process is essential to maintain the quality that reaches our customers.


15,200 square meters dedicated for furniture storage… The entire process is controlled by barcode readers … storing and sorting everything quickly and effectively. Any failure to separate packages is indicated in real time.

We couldn’t talk about quality without remembering the main one… Quality of life, and this one, Moval takes very seriously. For this reason we have a restaurant where the employees make their meals, and also a leisure area.


Motivation, Courage and Confidence

This is Moval quality essence, motivated, happy people, committed to results, as well as offering all the care for making the furniture reaching your home according to your needs, be it in design or quality.