Av. Maracanã, 3815 | Arapongas - Paraná(43) 3274-8300 | (43) 3172-8300
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Our History


Founded on January 20th, 1967, by the merger of two companies: Casa de Móveis Arapongas and João Martins Cava Filho, more than 50 years have passed since Moval worked in a house backyard, manufacturing about 600 pieces per month with 10 employees.

The entrepreneurial efforts of the founders were decisive for Arapongas city become one of the largest furniture centers in the country. Four decades ago, the company was founded in a place where there was virtually nothing, and today it houses 221 furniture industries that generate over 12,000 direct jobs.

Commitment to work, ethics and willing to always improve, those basis guided the construction of Moval’s history. From its beginning so far, Moval plans its actions in a balanced way, like who knows that the future is made day by day.