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Since 1967 manufacturing bedroom furniture, Moval is recognized for the quality of its products and its entire production structure. Constantly investing in the factory improvement and its equipment, nowadays is one of the largest furniture company in Latin America. Total area is 116,000 square meters with 58,800 square meters of built area, over than 700 employees, Warehouse capacity storage around 67,000 pieces and load capicity about 23 containers per day.

Our commitment to sustainability is another major pillar that makes Moval a solid and responsible company. All industrial waste is sent for treatment before disposal and part of it is reused.

Every effort and pursuit to fulfill customer whishes made Moval the brand top of mind in 2008.


Exceed customer expectations by creating, producing and marketing furniture with quality and functionality, combining technology with environment preservation, providing benefit to its business partners, the community, employees and shareholders.


Being a current company that values the human being, offering quality and modern furniture that adapt to everyone’s lifestyle, concerned with sustainable development and profitability in business.


Produce home furniture in order to exceed customers’ expectations, ensuring the company’s sustainability and development and demonstrating commitment to:
– Satisfy stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, etc.) deemed relevant in our organizational context;
– Preserve the environment consciously using natural resources, preventing emergency situations, properly managing industrial waste and atmospheric emissions, as well as other aspects and environmental impacts arising from our activities;
– Meet relevant legal requirements; and
– Continuously improve processes, products, services and our environmental performance.


– Quality;
– Ethics and Respect;
– Partnership and Commitment;
– Innovation;
– Pursuit of Excellence;
– Tradition;
– Socio-Environmental Responsibility.